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Sharing knowledge

Organizing a world of information


We believe that information sharing is a key component in developing the world of tomorrow. This includes both public and proprietary information. For us to achieve this, we must make it easy and profitable to share.


We believe that proper organizing is crucial for transforming information into knowledge. This includes organizational structures as well as individual needs and preferences. To support this there must be tools that are adaptable and efficient.


We believe that all aspects surrounding knowledge are under constant evolution. This includes individuals, groups, organizations and technology. For the world to go forward we must support and adapt to facilitate progress across all dimensions.

The Team

Svenn-Helge Vatne

CEO & Founder
NTNU: Software development

Svenn-Helge is passionate about people and wants to build a high performing team in an inclusive work environment. He has experience with web development and leadership from several projects.

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Simen Nordbø Abelsen

CTO & Founder
NTNU: Artificial intelligence

Simen is passionate about technology and finding the best solutions to big problems. He has experience as a full stack developer with several types of technologies.

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The Company

About us

We founded Metaito in February 2019, after more than 4 years at NTNU. The initial idea was sparked in 2014 when we discovered the challenge of organizing our resources as new students. We have since then gone through several iterations of prototypes.

Through exploration of the problem, we have developed a vision. We want to give people control over their resources, help them organize information and facilitate sharing with others. We want to reduce distractions and improve focus.

"There is an app for everything" is a famous quote. Today we can add "web based" to the statement. But still, there is no single app for everything. We constantly juggle apps that we choose based on goals, preferences and context. We use several apps for similar goals and we often use them in multiple contexts, such as work and personal.

To solve these challenges we are creating a platform for organizing and sharing information and tools on the internet. Our plattform will let you organize any app, in other words it will help you juggle. We will let you use apps across contexts, as well as letting you use another one when it better suits your goals.

We want to create a distraction free environment where you can organize the internet in a way that makes sense to you, while utilizing the strengths of the community. We want to give you focus and collaboration, without compromise.

Contact us
Høgskoleringen 4, 7034 Trondheim